• Contact: If you have any questions about memberships or policies please email the gym directly: Please do not use private Facebook messages for membership related questions.
  • Scent-Free Space: We have a scent-free policy at the gym. Many people are extremely sensitive to perfumes, colognes and other scented products. For the comfort of all our members, we ask that you refrain from wearing scented products when you come to the gym.


  • Sign-Ups & Sign-In: Sign-up before classes using the Mindbody app on your phone or online. Sign-ups are required for attending classes and reserving your spot. If you do not sign-up and the class is at capacity you will not be able to attend. You will also need to check-in on the Ipad before entering the gym. If you try and sign-in on the Ipad and receive a yellow labeled alert saying “visit front desk” this means your membership has expired and you need to renew before class with the trainer.
  • Cancelling Reservations: If you are unable to attend a class you have reserved a spot make sure to cancel your spot. If the class you reserved  your spot in is full, and you do not cancel your reservation, your account will be billed $5 as you have taken a spot away from another member.


  • No dogs in the gym space; dogs must be kept tied up in the front lobby.
  •  Dogs must be on a leash at all times.
  •  Always ask the owner if you can approach the dog to pet them and do so at your own risk.
  • Bring your own dog toys to keep them entertained, please do not use our lacrosse balls and mobility tools.
  • If someone in the gym is allergic and you have your dog with you, you will need to leave them in the car (only when its NOT too warm outside) or take them home.
  • Make sure they have been brushed well and/or have been out for a walk before bringing them in.
  • If you’re unsure of the rules or have questions about bringing them in don’t hesitate to contact us first to clarify!


  • All kids are welcome, they must stay in the lobby while classes are going on
  • If you bring toys, food etc. you are responsible for cleaning up after them


  • Payments: We accept Visa, Mastercard and cash.
  • Membership Holds: You can place 1 hold on your membership if on contract if you’re gone for more than 10 days. We require 1 weeks notice for all holds and this must be confirmed via email. There are no holds on 1 month memberships or 10 class passes.
  • Membership CancellationsWe require 7-days notice for all membership cancellations via email.
  • Discounts: We offer discounts for students, couples, first responders, military and nurses. Memberships are only eligible for one type of discount.


  • We’re all friends here! This is an inclusive community. If there is a person in the session you have never met, introduce yourself. If there is a new member, make them feel welcome!
  • Show support to your fellow athletes when they are pushing hard during a workout or going for a new PR. Do not clean up your equipment until everyone is done the workout, unless you have asked a coach beforehand as you have somewhere you need to be.
  • Do not walk right in front of other athletes while they are lifting. It is distracting, dangerous, and disrespectful. If an athlete is going for a heavy lift PR, give them about 5-10 feet of space directly in front of them.
  • LISTEN to your coaches! When a coach is explaining the workout and providing tips and instruction please do not talk. When they provide scales and advice on what weights to use it is in your best interest to listen.
  • Let coaches coach! Do not try and coach other members yourself, if someone asks for your input you are welcome to provide it.
  • Clean up when you are finished training put your equipment away. If you bleed, clean it up. If you move something or use it please put it back!
  • Do not drop equipement unless it is for a safety reason. Do not drop empty bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, or any other equipment. The only exception to this is bumper plates, they are designed to be dropped. DON’T drop bars with 10lb plates on them.
  • Chalk stays IN the bowls provided.
  • “Staff Only” signs mean “Staff Only”.
  • Music. The coach who is leading the session is the only one who should touch the music. If you would like something else on, ask them to change it.


  • Please do not park along the curb behind the front 8 parking spaces. This makes it almost impossible to get out of the parking spots especially at night. You can park in the front spaces, around the side, or on the street facing the right direction (going with traffic).