Performance Support is designed to facilitate your personal nutrition goals and foster your efforts to make the impact that you have envisioned for yourself. We have an in-depth understanding of the training that you are undergoing because we make the program! This allows us to offer unique nutrition advice based on what stimulus your body is undergoing on a weekly basis. Our staff are experienced in calculating specific macro profiles in a personalized manner to propel you towards your performance goals.

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$60.00 1 Session (30 minutes)
  • ¬†Introduction to program
  • Goal setting
  • Food logging
  • Macro evaluation & calculation


$30.00 1 Session (15 minutes)
  • ¬†Follow-up meeting for macro recalculations
  • Update of food log if needed


$25.00 Per Month
  • ¬†Email support for the month
  • Ask questions daily if needed and helps you stay accountable