Membership Rules and Regulations 

Discounts: A 15% discount for emergency services (Fire, EMS, paramedic, nurses, military) can be applied to an individuals membership. The discount will not be applied to Couples memberships as they are already discounted.

No Commitment Memberships: Cordis offers month-to-month membership options which will not be renewed automatically. This includes the following memberships: Student Monthly ($105), Monthly Unlimited ($170.00) and Couples Monthly Unlimited ($290.00). These are non-refundable and only cover 1 month of classes. Cordis also offers a 10 Class Pass ($170.00)–this membership has a 3-Month expiry from the day of purchase, no exceptions.

Auto-pay Memberships: Recurring monthly memberships are available at a discounted rate in the form of: 12 Month Contract $150.00 per month, 6 Month Contract $160.00 per mont  and Couples 12 Month Contract $250.00 per month, Couples 6 Month Contract $270.00 per month. These membership options are commitments and will be automatically withdrawn on the 15th of every month. There is 1 hold available to be used on these memberships, must be longer than 10 days and we require email notice 7 days prior. A doctors note is required if the member sustains an injury preventing he/she from participating in classes. We require 7 days notice via email if the member wishes to cancel the contract and in doing so will incur a penalty. *Penalty for cancelling the membership before the term will be the price difference between the Monthly and the contract price ($10-20) per month that the member has used of the commitment.