Liam Hope

Only one year into CrossFit, Liam Hope boasts a maturity and self-confidence like that of a veteran. With a background in competitive soccer and rep hockey, Liam possessed a great foundation of athleticism and coordination that has only improved since his very first CrossFit class.

Liams passion for health and fitness does not stop when he leaves the gym. He is constantly looking for ways to improve both his knowledge and his nutrition and taking it as far as weighing and measuring his portions for optimal results.

Liam obtained his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate at Reebok CrossFitOne in Boston in January 2013. Liam is always looking for efficiencies and methods to improve performance, he likes to learn and develop new skills, and thoroughly enjoys sharing with others and spreading the information he gains with those in the Cordis community. Liam possesses a level of determination, enthusiasm and dedication that is both infectious and to be admired. With his work ethic and passion, his future is very bright both inside and outside the walls of CrossFit Cordis.