Dru Gallagher: Trainer/Weightlifting/Bookkeeper

Practicing Crossfit since 2008, Dru brings a cool, level and headed approach to the Cordis coaching team. He has spent 7 years working on and improving his skills and weaknesses. His athletic background includes both baseball and track and field. More uniquely he was a go-kart racer, competing throughout Ontario and also in the US. His present competitive focus has become CrossFit, in which he has become a Regional level athlete and his competitive future is bright.

Dru earned his Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certificate at TNL Crossfit Tampa in Florida during the summer of 2014. In addition to his usual Crossfit training he really enjoys working the Olympic lifts, while also placing emphasis on calisthenics and accessory work outside of regular classes.

Dru has a calm, friendly and analytical approach to his coaching and enjoys bringing new approaches to old issues and he possesses a maturity that is beyond his years!