1 Month FIT Membership

$125.00 per month

1 Month of Unlimited FIT classes 

10 Class Pass

$140.00 10 FIT classes

 Can be used for FIT classes only, 2 month expiry


This program is our version of a “light” Crossfit class. Our ‘FIT’ program is designed to give you the best metabolic conditioning style workout that incorporates endurance style movements (running, rowing, skipping etc), bodyweight movements (burpees, squats, situps, pushups, pullups) and plyometric movements (box jumps, medicine ball work, kettlebell swings etc).

  • These classes will NOT incorporate weightlifting, barbells or any complicated gymnastics movements.
  • There is no experience required to start these classes, simply show up ready to work hard and get a sweat!
  • No previous fitness experience is required, any and all levels are welcome!
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and general metabolic conditioning
  • Great first step if you’re looking to join regular Crossfit Classes
  • Cordis ‘FIT’ membership can only be applied to ‘FIT’ classes

45 MIN Class duration

  • 5-10 MIN general warm-up & workout explanation
  • 5 MIN set up and workout prep
  • 20-30 MIN ‘FIT’ workout
  • We encourage all members to spend at least 5-10 Mins after class to stretch and mobilize (cool down), you are welcome to stick around and use the space after class ends for this
  • Click here to view schedule