Cordis Barbell Club programming is designed to improve your capabilities and overall strength with the Olympic lifts. The program runs in 8 week cycles and will focus on the technical aspects of Olympic lifting, applicable strength pieces, and accessory work. The 1.5 hour classes will run 3 days per week and you will have access to the entire 8 weeks of programming upon signup in the event of scheduling conflicts. If you have any questions click here to contact us!

8 Week Package

24 sessions, 3 Classes per week, 1.5 hours each
$200.00 ($250.00 for non members)
  •  8 Week Package (24 classes, 1.5 hours each)
  • 3 Classes per week
  • Access to all programming for the 8 weeks
  • Access to online coaching group


1 Class pass
$15.00 Only Valid for Sunday classes


Barbell Club programming only, no classes included
$50.00 8 Week Programming Package
  •  24 programmed lifting sessions