Andrew Schizas: Owner/Operator

We are strength and fitness educators, trainers and coaches. We are passionate about developing high quality human movement, performance and potential. We are committed to improving health, ability and quality of life. Our training facility is open, clean, positive, productive and fun!

Training should not be random; it should be intentional and thoughtfully designed. This is where intelligent and innovative programming comes into play and setting goals, building and implementing plans to help you achieve them. We have this expertise and experience, we can help you.

Mostly, training should be personally rewarding to you and particularly when you are investing your valuable time and money. This investment should provide returns in fitness and in health. We can help you measure and track these returns and are committed to optimizing these results for you.

What we do is applicable to everyone. CrossFit is a universally inclusive program or methodology. This training can be tailored for the sedentary, who have never worked out before, to the elite athlete; from weightlifters to triathletes; from kids to grandmothers; the only difference would be the load and intensity. We are experts in determining where you fit into this spectrum, and in customizing the workout to your ability.

We are very passionate about what we do, we are also naturally curious and inquisitive and hence actively seek out and explore new information, evidence, data and literature relating to fitness, nutrition and health. We are committed to improving our knowledge base and expertise through participating in courses, certifications and study and in bringing these advancements to you.

We will build strength that you can use.